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Beautiful animals you can’t stop yourself from staring at

The natural beauty of the animals around us has always been inspirational. One of the first people to discover the beauty of animals and try to depict it was the German artist Albrecht Dürer. Up to now, animal photography remains one of the most popular genres and it’s not for nothing! We have prepared a selection of pictures of the most beautiful and photogenic animals from all over the globe and we just can’t take our eyes off them. So scroll down o look for yourself at these Beautiful animals you can’t stop yourself from staring at once you take a look at them.

Mandarin fish

Mandarin fishhttps://www.instagram.com This truly beautiful psychedelic creature can be found in the Pacific Ocean near Australia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.

Leafy sea dragon

Leafy sea dragonhttps://www.shutterstock.com This plant-looking creature is called a leafy sea dragon. It is the marine emblem of the state of South Australia, where it can usually be found.

Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macawhttps://ru.depositphotos.com This striking bright-colored bird is known as the national bird of Honduras.

Loch’s Chromodoris

Chromodorishttps://twitter.com This unearthly colorful creature is a sea slug living in the tropical waters of the central Indo-Pacific region.

Lilac-breasted roller

rollerhttps://www.instagram.com The coloration of this little birdy from Africa is unbeatable.

Amur leopard

Amur leopardhttps://ru.depositphotos.com Their unique spotted fur makes the Amur Leopard one of the most beautiful and unfortunately, most hunted wild cats in the world.

California red-sided garter snake

garter snakehttps://imgur.com This snake can be found throughout California, and the combination of its skin color varies in different locations but it always remains extremely bright.

Resplendent quetzal

Resplendent quetzalhttps://www.instagram.com This colorful beauty can only be found in South America.

Secretary bird

Secretary birdhttps://www.instagram.com Those eyelashes say all about its name.

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