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Homemade toys for keeping your pet cat happy

Homemade toys are not only a delight for cats abut also a delight for their owners to make. These cat toys that can be made at home are extremely easy to craft and require no effort on your part. Some of the best homemade toys that can keep your cat happy are as follows.

Jingle Walnut:-

This toy is amongst one of the simplest to make. It only requires a walnut and a jingle bell. Simply cut open a walnut in two clear halves and clean it. Place the jingle bell inside these halves and glue it back together. Make sure to use nontoxic glue as your cat will constantly put this toy in its mouth. Simply roll it on the floor and watch your cat go nuts over it.

Jingle Walnut

Use that old sock:-

This is also one of the simplest and easiest cat toys to make at home. Simply take a spare piece of a sock and place some catnip or a jingle bell inside. Secure it by tying a knot on the open end and give it your cat to enjoy itself.

old sock

Mouse made from scrap clothing:-

Stuffed mouse is one of the most popular cat toys but it does require a little more effort than making walnut ball or sock toy. It requires for a piece of six inch strong scarp fabric clothing, sewing scissors, a ribbon or a yarn for making the tail, and a sewing machine. You can easily find easy to follow instructions online to make this stuffed clothed mouse.

scrap clothing

Feathered toy:-

To make a toy for your cat that will last longer you need to add some feathery fun. This making requires for a construction line, wooden dowel and a boa feather. In addition to this you will also need to have few tools like a drill but the result of this toy will surely be able to keep with your cat’s fiery playing temper. You can also find easy to follow instructions on making this toy online with a quick Google search.

Feathered toy

Puzzle treat:-

Adding some food to your cat’s playtime can always be a good thing. You can choose a toy that allows for dry food to be placed inside at play hours. You will see your cat be immersed in playing for many hours. Anything like a ball or an enclosed cylinder will do the trick but be sure cat cannot bite into it. Make holes in this ball with a drill and be sure to sand these holes so cat might not get hurt.

Puzzle treat

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