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Funny Mother Hens shower their love even if the babies are adopt

It is not a coincidence that overly loving mothers are often compared with Mother Hens. It is a hard proven fact that if you disturb their chicks, they will act in really weird ways. Don’t believe us? Try doing this once you will agree. Once you do that you will be in their memory forever as they tend to have a really great memory in this regard.

In our today’s article we are going to prove that a love of mother hen knows no bound. It does not matter to them if the baby is really theirs or not they just shower them with unconditional love and care.

Scroll down to look at the funny mother hens who shower their love even if the babies are adoptive.

Don’t worry kids, Mom is always around

kids, Mom

The level of love is 100%

chichen and kittens

Shh…Don’t shout. Baby is sleeping

hen and dog

Mom will always protect you. Don’t be scared

hen and cat

Cutest moment

hen and puppy

Ducklings and chickens make just a one big family

Ducklings and chickens

An extraordinary friendship


Give me a hug


How many legs are there?


Ducks and hens can also be best friends

Ducks and hens

Safety and comfort


Find the cat


This is love


Adopted orphans

Adopted orphans

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