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Couple Ignores Oncoming Traffic Just To Save A Tiny Kitten’s Life

For an ordinary couple who was once driving on the highway in their car, they had to make a split second decision of their life that took a lot of courage.

A man named Teera Potisat was traveling with his girlfriend named Kessarapawn Inpang back to their home when they suddenly saw something black yet tiny thing darting in between the heavy traffic of the highway cars. The thing was moving in between the busy highway coated in the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

Seeing that thing, Potisat knew in his heart that he needs to stop.

He pulled his car on the side of the highway and jumped out of his car courageously while his girlfriend was also bravely following behind. Seeing two people running on the highway, the oncoming traffic also halted in their tracks.

This sudden act of courage and bravery was a huge step for one little soul. The thing that this couple spotted was actually a scared little black kitten that unfortunately got stuck in the highway traffic.

For our readers, we present to you the video of the moment when the couple saved the life of that poor little kitten.

Many other drivers also came out of their cars in order to see this little tuxedo pattern kitten who was brought out of one of the stopped cars. Potisat immediately took the cat into his arms.

As he held her in his arm he started speaking softly to it. It was obvious at that moment that couple was not going to let go of it.

The couple took this stray kitten as their own and he also made himself right at home with them.

Potisat’s girlfriend said, “This is my first time for saving a kitten and adopting him.”

It was as if the universe was trying to tell this young couple that it was time to adopt one.

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