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An Australian magpie mimics the sound of the emergency sirens perfectly

In the midst of the raging Australian Bushfires that have been razing Australia for the last 4 months; a video of an Australian bird has gone viral. In this video, an Australian magpie mimics perfectly the sounds of the emergency sirens. 

This amazing video of the Australian magpie mimicking the emergency sirens was recorded in Newcastle, New South Wales by a man named Gregory Andrews. He then went on to post this video on his Facebook account back on December 26th, 2019. The impression of the bird for the emergency sirens is quite impressive. However, the context of these sounds is really sad because this Australian magpie has heard enough sounds of the emergency sirens in amidst the bushfires that he can now mimic them perfectly. This is what makes this seemingly lighthearted and cool video of an Australian magpie into something which is somber and unsettling.

Watch the video of the said Australian magpie as it mimics the sounds of the emergency sirens perfectly.

As per a bird expert named Kenn Kaufman, the bird in this video is the Australian magpie which as per Kaufman is known for being an astounding vocalist. These Australian magpie birds are known for their loud and clear sounding caroling whistles. They are not to be confused with Lyrebirds which are also a species of bird native to Australia and are also skilled in this art of mimicking sounds.

Kaufman comments on the video saying, “This Australian magpie does a fair amount of mimicry but it is still not quite as good as the one done by a lyrebird. Many of the usual calls from an Australian magpie have the ringing whistling sound to them which often sounds like that of an emergency vehicle’s siren. This is why it is not that much of a stretch for this bird to appropriate the siren sound and then mimic it perfectly.”

Whatever is the case, this video is still the sobering reflection of the devastation that the Australian Bushfires have caused. So far 18 people have died in these bushfires while thousands of them have no access to water and food as these fires still continue to ravage the lands.

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