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Story Behind Layla, The Adorable Smiling Pup Layla

According to experts, dogs are able to experience a wide range of emotions and this dog was clearly happy after she was safe as she expressed her emotions to her rescuers.

The 7 weeks old Layla was found the Beaumont Animal Care located in Texas while she was running through traffic. The dog was frail as well as quite scared. However, after she reached the shelter, she was calmed and her expressions stunned the workers of shelter. One staff member Rachel Barron reached out to the dog’s cage and started talking to her. It was then when Layla started showing an amazing smile.

Baron told media, “When I started talking to her in little baby voice; it was obvious that she loved it. She started to wag her tail and then that famous smile of hers came. It was then I pulled my camera to get this amazing scene on the phone. It was so damn cute for it to be not shared with the rest of the world.”

Barron said that it was like Layla knew she is now in good hands. The expression of this little dog to her reducers has stunned the whole world.



After Layla’s video was shared, it was not long that the requests from all over the city started rolling in for her adoption. One local family after seeing Layla’s beautiful smile online came to inquire about adopting her.

The couple was the wife Nicole Toney and her husband. They already had three rescue dogs as well as two cats. Seeing Layla they knew instantly that she would be a great addition to their family.



They were right about their hunch.  Toney told media, “she was a bit shy at first but you could still that she was pretty excited as well as sweet.”



As soon as Layla came home, she instantly bonded with other of Toney’s dogs and started running around with them.

While Layla had no complaints while living on the streets, she is clearly now more happy to snuggle with her new loving family every night.



Toney said, “She is really living so well with us.  She often cuddles right next to the face of my husband and falls asleep then and there. She is too adorable when asleep and we also noticed that when she sleeps, she often smiles.”

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