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Giant Rabbit Couple Decide To Be In Charge Of The Baby Sister

When you have a pet at home, it is very unnerving to plan for a baby. However in case of Jenn Eckert and her firstborn daughter Bailey; she never imagined that her two pet giant rabbits whose names are Alfie (Male) and Amelia (Female) would fall in love with her daughter so quickly.

Even on their first meeting with their new baby sister, Alfie and Amelia showed signs that absolutely loved her. The couple stood tall beside Bailey’s baby carrier when visiting her at the hospital. Both of them had their big ears up in love.

Eckert told media that, “Alfie even tried to jump into the car seat and Amelia sniffed Bailey. They were both being so gentle to her. I knew it that they were going to be best friends.”

Eckert was absolutely right about her assessment because when the Alfie and Amelia are around Bailey in their family home located in Wisconsin; nothing else mattered to them.

Eckert said, “Bailey is always the center of attention to them. they would lay beside her while she is sleeping. They also tend to hover around her time to time as if the protection of Bailey is their utmost responsibility.

This rabbit couple is of Flemish species who normally weight about 20 pounds. All in all, they are the perfect sized friends for Bailey.

Eckert said, “They are very protective about Bailey. If Bailey cries, Alfie thumps her. When bailey is asleep, both of the rabbits sniff her from time to time to check if she is awake or not.”

Due to Alfie and Amelia being so gentle with Bailey, Eckert is now training both these rabbits to be Therapy Rabbits. She is currently working with an organization named Pet Partners. After their training is complete and they receive their certification, they would be travelling to the hospitals and nursing home in order to snuggle the patients.

Eckert has also opened up a Facebook page by the name “Rabbitat For Humanity”. The page’s goal is to show you can have babies with rabbits as pets as well as promote the rabbit therapy.

Eckert said, “Rabbits are prey animals who don’t like to be picked up but they are still gentle creatures by nature and are less intimidating for a child.”

Bailey also loves his new brother and sister and they are really going to be great friends in the future.

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