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Luna; A Sensitive Pitbull Could Not Stop Herself From Crying After Watching the Saddest Part From ‘The Lion King’

The new parents of a Pitbull named Luna are recently learning as to how sensitive their new dog is. She is not only sensitive but also a very sweet dog.

Luna was born in this world under very difficult conditions. She was a child of a very pregnant and homeless Pitbull mother. The mother of Luna was taken to a foster home right before she was going to give birth to a litter of 12 Pitbull puppies.

After the Mother Pitbull named Melon gave broth to these 12 puppies, it was not long they were lined up for adoption and the adoption requests came in steadily all thanks to the efforts of Humane Educational Society which is a shelter coated in Tennessee.

This is the picture of Luna when she was about to go with her new family, for the first time.

The parents of Luna who adopted her were the husband named Josh Myers and wife named Hannah Huddleston. They were a young couple who lived in Chattanooga.

The couple said that they never forgot first ride to home as Myers was driving with Huddleston alongside him with Luna is her arms.

Now it’s been months since Luna was adopted by her family and now Josh and Hiddleston are beginning to know as to how sweet of a personality Luna actually has.

However, what Luna did a few days ago, surprised them very much.

The couple was watching the animated Disney film “The Lion King” while Luna was playing widely around them with toys.

When suddenly the movie’s tragic part came, Luna stopped suddenly.

Myers wrote on his Facebook page, “Right after Mufassa fell to his death; she stopped playing and tuned to the TV.”

As Simba was trying to wake his dead father, that’s when Luna started whimpering.

Myers wrote, “Seeing Luna watching the TV and crying was the sweetest thing to ever witness. She also lay down as Simba lay down beside his father.”

The family of pitbull pups who have been named as ‘The Melon Dozen” by the shelter; often get to meet up and play with each other on play dates.

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