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Stray Dog Finally Feels Relaxed and happy After Getting His matted Fur Removed

For as far as the little dog named Jareth could remember he had spent his life mostly being imprisoned. However, this imprisonment was not...

5 Bald Puppies Were Rescued After Being Abandoned On The Side Of A Road

A person living in Vineland, New Jersey was driving his car when he suddenly noticed something that was truly sad and heartbreaking. What he...

Community rises to help the homeless man and his dog reunite after seeing their heartbreaking goodbye

A homeless man named MR Williams and his companion for 14 years, which was his dog, were helped to have a second chance at...

Puppy Abandoned on the Side of Road With Chair And TV, Thinking His Owner Would Come Back

Earlier last week someone found a hopeful heart sitting between some of the illegally dumped hoe furniture. It was a poor puppy who had...

Man was found smuggling Finches in hair curlers at KFK Airport

As soon as a man named Francis Gurahoo arrived from Guyana at the KFK International Airport, the security agents at the custom were suspicious...

A Bulldog Was Rescued From Being Trapped In A Basement, Then Gives the Best Reaction To her Rescuers

Neighbors were disturbed for weeks by the sounds of a dog barking coming from an abandoned house located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Two good people of...

A guy finds a Spinifex hopping mouse dead in the desert and then he saves its life

Back in January, a man named Daniel Bromley was driving on a cold morning to a construction site near the Great Victoria Desert located...

Man Moved To His New House Just To Find a Dog Trapped And Chained In The Basement

Last year the staff at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis received a bizarre call that left hem heartbroken. It was from a new...

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Abandoned Russian Brown Bear Rescued As A Cub Starts Career As A Model

We would like to introduce you to a 28 years old bear named Stepan. Stepan is liked in Russia for many reasons. The bear,...

A 14-Week-Old Mountain Lion Cub Was Rescued From Severe Dehydration & Starvation, Now She is Double Her Previous Weight And Full of Life

In these troubling times that have fallen upon our world this year, we bring to you positive mood-lifting content. This piece of content is...

An Owl Simply Flies Inside A Helicopter In-bound For California Wildfires

Most of the time it seems like that our little planet might not seem like it but this world can still be a magical...

Rescued Pelican Couple Shows Excitement After One of their Eggs In 6 Years Hatch

For a Pelican named Mr. Percival, who is living currently at the Twinnies Pelicans & Seabird based in Australia, the last month had been...

Woman Throws Her Puppy At A Stranger, The Man Now Refuses To Give Back The Puppy

Another one of the bizarre women videos has gone viral over social media. Earlier on the last Friday night, a rapped named Glomula shared...

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