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Australian Teens Drives Around To Search And Save As Many Koalas As They Can

As the Australian bushfires are still raging on, the news about the death of nearly 500 million animals has left the whole world in sadness which died amid these devastating fires. The most hit species y these Australian bushfires was of Koalas as nearly 20000 of these Koalas have died so far in these fires.

But this situation has also shown the world that there are indeed many people in this world who step up to help where it is needed the most. The same is the case for these Australian bushfires where many people have come every day and became heroes in their own right.

One such heroic team is of 19 years old named Micah and 18 years old named Caleb who are getting praises from all across the world on the internet. They are both cousins who drove to Kangaroo Island for the sake of helping by rescuing the Koalas by putting them in their own car.

2 cousins named Caleb and Micah drove around the Kangaroo Island to save and rescue as many of the kolas from the fiery hell as they can.


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These teens have plans to look after these freshly saved koalas until they regain their full health and it becomes safe for letting them go once more into the wild. As per Caleb and Micah, about 60 percent of the Koalas they found on Kangaroo Island, they were already brunt due to these bushfires.

One of these 2 cousins is heard in the video, which they shot inside the car, “This is our own little Koala rescue. We are only trying to collect as many live ones as we can.”

Both of these Young lads have plans to look after these rescued koalas and nurse them back to full health.


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Below is the video of Micah and Caleb as the drive the rescued koalas to safety in their car.

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