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Shelter Staff Finds 3-Taped Up boxes And Make Shocking Discovery Inside

Earlier on Tuesday a staff member of the Cass County Humane Society got a phone call and to not disturb anyone inside he deiced to attend it outside. He exited the main building and walked to the side of the building a little further away. It was then when his eyes caught the sight of not one but actually 3 taped up boxes on the ground.

The Executive Director at the Cass County Humane Society named Amanda Lane said, “At first the staff member was confused so he came back in and asked if anyone knew about the boxes. Hearing about the boxes, our shelter manager went outside himself to check the boxes.”

Everyone was thinking that as the shelter was open, nobody had any treason to leave any animal abandoned inside these boxes. However, when the manager opened the boxes, to his immense dismay, there were 6 pairs of eyes staring back at him, so he quickly tore opened rest of the boxes as well.

The first of the 3 boxes had inside 6 kittens which were 2 weeks old and were really scared and overheated. As for the 2nd box, it had the mother. As for the 3rd box, it had inside an adult cat as well as another kitten which was slightly older. They all had one thing in common; they were all confused and really scared. These boxes had been in the 80 degrees of heat outside for nearly half an hour. No one dared to imagine what would have had happened to them if nobody found them.

Lane said, “Although there were hole punctured in the boxes, no air was getting inside. We rushed all 3 boxes inside and these poor souls were looking at us with their sacred eyes.”

The staff reunited the tiny kittens with their mother who was obviously thrilled to see them. Then they placed the older cat with the older kitten and seeing them proved that they were related.

All of these nine cats were severely dehydrated and overheated. Once the staff gave them food, water and cool air, they were doing just fine. One o the 6 kittens had a deformity on its rib cage and is currently under observation of a vet. Apart from this kitten, everyone other cat is doing just great.

Lane said, “The mother cat and her kittens will be put up for adoption in the coming 4 to 6 weeks while the adult cat and her kitten will be up for adoption as soon as next week.”

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