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Kids Rescue A Stray Kitten In Casts As It Was Abandoned On The Streets

Earlier last month, a group of kids was playing outside a housing complex located in Phoenix, Arizona when they came across a stray little kitten. Seeing the kitten, the kids realized that something was wrong with it.


The director of the “Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue” named Kathy Hamel said, “I am really sure that these kids had no idea what they saw when they took the cat to their home and asked their parents about it.”


Few young kids took the kitten inside their apartment and their parents were shocked as well as confused to see this kitten whose hind legs were covered with 2 makeshift casts. As for why someone would do such a thing, no one could think of a reason. Thinking that kitten had broken legs and had cast, the parents of kids called Hamel who is well known for animal rescues.


Hamel said, “Seeing the kitten I instantly thought that she needed a vet. When the kitten was brought to me, it came with a little girl of 4 years old who was also one of her finders. The little girl had named the kitten ‘Cupcake’ and I told her that I really love the name and would keep it.”


After getting Cupcake, Hamel took her to the vet as besides these casts, Cupcake was severely dehydrated as well as malnourished. Cupcake would have not survived another day if she had not been found by those kids.


It took the vet nearly an hour to completely remove the casts. One was easy to remove while the other was so hard that the vet had to soak it in water to loosen it. As it turned out, Cupcake had no broken legs.

They way the casts were wrapped around her legs; it was clearly the work of an adult human being. It left everyone wondering as to why on earth any sane person would do something so cruel to a little animal.


Cupcake was estimated to be around 6 months old and weighed only .980 pounds. Apart from being malnourished, Cupcake had no other health problems.


Hamel said, “Despite going through the horrible experience, the kitten amazingly has a high spirit and loves to receive all the attention from the staff at the vet’s clinic.


Despite being still on her path to full recovery, many people have lined up to adopt Cupcake once she is fully healed.

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