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An Adorable Dog Steals A Soccer Ball During Game And Refuses To Give It Back

In our last video, we told and showed you guys that animals also love to play the sport.  Now we are back with some more proof for our claim.

Last month, a youth soccer match was being played in a city of Turkey when a furry challenger decided to join in on the game. That sudden interrupter of the game was a small white fur dog, who came on to the field suddenly and seized possession of the football. He continued to dribble the ball amazingly around the field as if he is a pro.

The referee was able to snatch the ball back from the dog. However, the dog was in no mood of quitting as he stole the ball again.

Below is the video of the canine stealing the ball and handling it on the pitch like a pro.

After much of the effort, the ball was returned to the players, whose own skills were greatly overshadowed with this sudden pro. All good things must come to an end.

Well not for our article, there is another footage of the incident taken from another angle down below.

According to news, the dog was there with his owner to watch the game when he managed to escape and runoff from stands to the field. He was last seen while a leash was being put around his neck.


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