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Animals With Utterly Unique, Mesmerizing Eyes

Animals have plenty of cool attributes, but one of the most striking things about them can be their eyes. Sometimes they use their cool animal eyes as a crazy sixth sense. These close up animal eye photos show you just how cool these animals really are. From mammals to amphibians, these animals use their sense of sight to mesmerize us humans.

Animal eyes have long fascinated us and have served specific animals in a variety of purposes. However, thanks to this collection, the only purpose they serve is blowing our minds. But if you’re looking closely enough, you can see frog eyes are unusual colors and sizes. Lemur eyes might be the craziest animal eyes out there, though gecko eyes certainly give them a run for their money. And whether it’s a white tiger or a pink flamingo, the animal eyes on this list are the most unique in the entire animal kingdom.

Gecko Eyes Show A Unique Shape

Whoooo Is That? It’s An Owl!

White Tigers Have Beautiful Blue Eyes

Lemur Eyes Are Beautiful And Haunting

Cougar Are Watching You

Cats Can See At Night

Hayyy It’s A Horse Eye

Frog Eyes Are On The Side Of Their Heads

Eagle Eye – No, Really

Flamingos Also Have Pinkish Eyes

Pray You Never See A Rattlesnake’s Eyes Up Close

Elephant Eyes Look Really Weird

Giraffes Look A Little Sad

Cuddly Koala Eyes Look Kinda Crazy

Aww, Panda Eyes Are Cute

Crocodile Tears Come From Crocodile Eyes

Sheep Pupils Are Rectangular

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