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More than 500 million Animals Have Died in the horrific Australian Bushfires

As per the latest reports on the Australian Bushfires, the animal and the plant species living in the region of these Australian Bushfires have suffered major losses. More than half a billion animals have alone died in these Australian Bushfires since the day they began.

Ecologists working at the University of Sidney have made an estimate that nearly 500 million species of birds, reptiles, and mammals have been lost as a result of these deadly bushfires.

This figure is now expected to increase in the coming days as they Australian Bushfires have now started to tear down the region of Victoria as well as the NSW South Coast in the last few days. Not only animals but also countless people have died as a result of these bushfires and many still remain missing. Thousands of houses have been burned down to ashes.

Earlier on the morning of January 1st, 2020, the fires already spread across the Victoria region and the NSW Coast has burned down millions of hectares of the National Park land.

The scenes of these Australian Bushfires are horrifying where one can see the Kangaroos hoping away to save their lives while the charred dead bodies of the Koalas and the cockatoos are falling off the trees.

The animal that suffered the most brunt of these Australian Bushfires is Koala which is the native species of Australia. They are the slow-moving animals that only rely on eucalyptus leaves for sustenance. These leaves are filled with natural oils which make them highly flammable.

Almost one-third of the Koala population in the region, which is about 8000 Koalas are believed to have been lost in these Australian Bushfires during the course of 4 months.

Dr. Kellie Leigh, the executive director of Science for Wildlife said that there are no resources nor is there any planning to save this Koala population form this deadly threat.

An alliance for the 13 organization called Stand Up For Nature is now calling or an immediate halt on the logging of the native forests in the NSW region until the deadly impacts of these bushfires on the habitat are understood.

Susan Ley, the Environmental Minister of Australia said that the true number of animals who have died in these bushfires cannot be known until the fires completely calm down. Until then no proper assessment of the damage can be made.

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