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Imperfect Yet Adorable Pets That Will Melt Your Hearts

If it was up to the tough beauty standards of the society; the animals in our list would be instantly rejected by the masses. But the parents of these imperfect animals are not the ones who follow the social stereotypes. They listened to their hearts to give something which is important to any animal in this world; Their Love.

These animals and their owners actually in the world of today help raise awareness to adopt imperfect animals. Some of these imperfect pets have actually gained their own fame over social media and are somewhat celebrities.

So scroll down to look at these imperfect yet adorable pets that will melt your hearts.

Born with no front legs, but still a true fighter

true fighter

Well… I might look a little scared, but actually I’m fearless


Don’t worry, I got my eye on you


Alien looking cat? Nope, not here


Just stay quiet and I won’t hypnotize you.


Look, we’ve got David Meowie here!

David Meowie

Ladies and gentleman, please meet First name; Vincent, Last name; van Gogh


I just want to see you smile every day.

I bet this is the saddest Cat on the internet

saddest Cat

Meet the new derpy cat in the family… Maxwell!

derpy cat

This rescue cat turns her crooked jaw into a beautiful smile we simply cannot resist

rescue cat

My yellow lab was born with a crooked face. Seeing it when I’m feeling blue makes my day 100x better

crooked face

The breeders said she was “imperfect” because of her tongue. This is her sticking her tongue out every time someone says she’s “imperfect.”


Born without eyelids, this cat melted our hearts with its smile.


Aww! This look makes me want to share my lunch, my dinner and my whole life with him.


Say hello to Scuba!


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