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15 Adorable Reasons ‘Why I Hate My Job’

The workplace is all about having a great environment with great colleagues but sometimes all of your hopes and dreams don’t come true. The same happened with Ingrid Wulf; a woman in her early twenties who works at a Cat Shelter. According to her, her work at times can be pretty challenging as her colleagues (the numerous cats) are actually not hat helpful and instead make her job more taxing (in adorable ways).

Don’t believe us that working with cats is not that bad then have a look at yourself for the 15 adorable reasons that Ingrid Wulf Hates her job. Beware you can be lured in to joining this field of work yourself after watching these photos.

Most of her colleagues from cat shelter are Attention Whores

They will do anything to get attention from her; even going to length of physically forcing themselves on her to not let her do her job

She even has to deal with some Divas there too. She once tried to take a profile picture of one but she insisted that her own selfies are actually much better

Some of them are pretty rude as they mock her by sticking out their tongue; pretty childish I think

Another rude colleague mocking her

Young ones here are also no prize either

While many are rude but still some are decent and fun to work with; like him

And just when you have great impression of them; this happens

All in all they can be A**holes like rest of them

Some have been caught slacking on the job and sleeping like they have no worry in the world

Working with them has made her a bit mischievous too as she like to pull pranks on them now

Sometimes they just won’t get off her back

To make friends she sometimes have to be dominant and oppressive and even use a little force

Many have no respect for office equipment and use it as they see fit

Most of the day they just goof around the shelter

But still she loves them as they can be sweet too

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