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Dog Brother Helps his Dog Sister Break Out

Some rules are just meant to be broken, don’t agree with us? Then just ask Molly and her helping brother Marco.

Both of them take no for an answer when it comes to breaking rules.


Molly and her brother Marco were adopted by their mom named Carolyn Warmm when they were puppies a few years back. This was also the time when their mischievous side took hold of them. Among them both, Molly is the most mischievous one and usually takes the lead of every trouble.

Warmm said, “Marco is the one with a soft personality. As for Molly, she is kind of a headstrong girl. As both of them were born together, they do things together and never have been apart.”

Warmm also cannot seem to keep them away from her and this is why she often takes them both with her to the work. As a rule at her workplace, she keeps them at bay from running all around the office inside a fence at her door. While this is the normal course of action in such cases but for Molly, this fence was only a hurdle that she needed to overbore. And she exactly did that and with the help of her brother.

Below is the video of the moment when Molly was helped by Marco is climbing over the fence door.

Despite seeing the pup’s escape, Warmm was only happy and proud to see her pups.

Warmm said, “Seeing them like this, the very first thing that came to my mind was, ‘What an intelligent breed’. I am so happy for Marco; he is such a caring brother to Molly.”

Well, there is no fault of Warmm to be angry at these pups. Just look at these cute little faces.


Well, we bid good luck to Molly and Marco for their many upcoming future adventures.

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