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Pets Who Are Crazy About Their Toy Friends

All of the pet owners definitely want the best for their pets and for that very reason they buy them lots of toys and accessories. Even after we buy our pets lots of toys, they still only have one special toy that they prefer over the others. For this pet behavior, scientists give several reasons like maternity and hunting instincts.

Now whatever the reason may be, to watch our pet play with their favorite toy is one of the best things in life as it is a touching and an amusing scene.

Today we have gathered a bunch of photos of the adorable pets who are tally crazy about their favorite toy.

So scroll down to look at these pets who are crazy about their toy friends.

A family friend recently got a pet rat; here’s a photo of it curled up on her bed with its favorite bear

pet rat

Happiness is a 99-cent Ikea stuffed mouse


Playing together leads to having a nap together


Find the duck in this picture!


There can’t be too many friends!


I love dogs so much and now I have my own!


They’re all mine?


Don’t take him away from me!


Just a couple of lions enjoying their Friday night!


Meet my friend, Mr. Piggy


Everyone needs a teddy bear hug from time to time


The recipe for a perfect Sunday is you, your princess, and a blanket!


Me and my buddy look really alike, huh?


When you know your friend is a weirdo, but you’re okay with it


I can’t fall asleep without my bunny


No, I won’t let you go!


When you and your plumpy make up a perfect couple

perfect couple

Goodnight, I love you!


It’s true that best friends often start looking alike, right?

best friends

Rafael napping with Raphael…


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