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Adorable Pets Who Radiate the Valentine’s Day Spirit

Pets are the embodiment of loyalty and love that is why they make up the best example of a Perfect Valentine. Cats and dogs are filled with love, not only for themselves but for others as well. Some of these pets are able to show us as to how one can get into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Today we have compiled a few of the best photos of the pets showing their love and affection for each other and also, to their human owners.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these adorable pets who radiate the Valentine’s Day spirit.

They’re cats… of course they go for seafood on date night


Well that sure brought a smile to his face!


Somebody sure had a successful Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

The Vikings thought cats were symbols of love. Now we know why…


When your dog falls in love with you

falls in love

Love makes you strong!


Some of us prefer our kisses to be wet and sloppy


It’s always good to find a place to snuggle together


Love’s first kiss can be a powerful thing

first kiss

Hugs always lead to smiles, just ask these 2 brothers


They must have practiced this


Now, that’s what I call relationship goals

relationship goals

There’s always time for snuggling


All the puppies, for all the love


Even puppies need their beauty sleep for Valentine’s Day

beauty sleep

Care to share some love?


Take all my money!


Just look at those smiles


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