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Best ways to fight fleas off of your pet

Fleas tend to grow inside warm and fuzzy bodies of not only your pets but if they do not like the host they can attach to humans too. They are vicious, hard to track and are fast to reproduce which makes them one of the worst insects in the world and especially in your household. While they are hard to find but there are still some ways you can fight off these fleas from your pets and from your house altogether. Some of the best ways to fight fleas off from your pets are as follows.


Topical treatment medicines:-

Topical medications or Spot On treatment are relatively moist popular treatment to kill fleas. The medication is applied in between shoulder blades of the affected pet and then it slides down whole body. This treatment allows killing not only adult fleas but also their eggs, larvae and some other common pet parasites. Two of the most popular Topical Treatment products are ‘Advantage II’ and ‘Frontline Plus’. The only side effect of this treatment is that it makes the skin itch an irritable. Pet must be dried off completely before making contact with other humans and pets.

Topical treatment medicines

Oral tablets:-

Oral treatments only involve feeding pills to your pet. Popular flea pills are ‘Capstar ` and ‘Comortis’. These flea pills start working after few hours or even after few minutes. However they like any other medication can upset stomach of your pet and may cause other side effects. They also require for a vet prescription before buying and feeding it to pets.

Oral tablets

Flea Collars:-

Flea Collars or also known as Tick Collars are amongst easiest ways to fight off flea problem. They are mostly used as preventative measure but they do still repel and kill existing fleas. One of the most popular flea collar is sold under the name of Seresto that can last up to 8 months. Chemicals inside these collars can be transferred to humans and other animals by touch.

Flea Collars

Flea Injections:-

Flea Injection program like Program 6 Month is a newer treatment for fighting off fleas from bodies of cats. These injections prevent the development of new eggs, although previous eggs might continue to hatch despite the administration of injections.

Flea Injections

Foggers (Flea Bombs):-

One of the best ways to fight off fleas down from your pet body inside your whole house is by using Flea Bombs or more commonly known as Foggers. These Flea Bombs can be purchased at any big box store, hardware store or even online in range of 5 to 20 dollars. They are effective in killing off fleas in all of their developmental stages but to deploy these bombs, you have to do quite a lot of preparation first. You must cover everything in your house that you do not want to be coated from powerful pesticide chemicals.


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