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Animals that are illegal to be kept as pets in USA

There are many exotic animals that one dreams to keep as pets. However owner of these exotic pets find themselves on wrong side of Pet ownership laws in USA. We have listed few of the following exotic animals that can be kept as pets in USA.


Few species of bats are protected by Federal laws. This means that you cannot kill them even if they trespass inside your house. To transport bats in US requires for a permit from CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention). Bats can be legally transported f you have following affiliations.

  • Legal sanctuary
  • Scientific organization
  • Educational program

Bats have life span of average 25 years and that is only in wilderness because once they are held captive it decreases by at least one year. Therefore it is not permissible to keep bats as pets in USA.


Big Cats:-

Owning big cats like Lions, leopards or tigers as pets I banned in at least 21 different states of USA. State of Florida even classifies big cats under Class I Wildlife; animals that are serious threat to human life. These animals are not permissible by law for keeping as pets but for commercial purposes you can obtain permit.

Big Cats


Most of the USA states only allow alligators to be left around on golf courses or in wild marshes. As far as keeping an alligator as a pt you must at least obtain a permit. Most of the states do not give sheer permits; they also require enclosure for keeping the animal in and intruders out. You must also take full responsibility for owning such a creature in your backyard.



Keeping a monkey a pets might be legal in some states but most of US states o not permit this. Although states like Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma permit keeping primates as pets, for most of US states you must need a special permit. Majority of states only allow permits for keeping primates as pets to professionals.


Wolf Hybrids:-

Wolf Hybrids are amongst those exotic pets that some states don’t even keep in their zoos let alone as pets to general public. Wolf Hybrids or commonly known as Wolf Dogs are classified by Federal Government as  domestic pets but following states still prohibit keeping of them as private pets.

  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • WyomingWolf Hybrids

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