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Animal Photos That Prove Nature Is a Coloring Master

Apparently, the magnificent landscapes and the beautiful sights that nature provides for us to see are not enough for us as nature has upped itself with these animals that are actually covered in special fur markings and patterns. Some of these animals’ fur patterns and colors are so mesmerizing that they make us wonder if Nature has learned to use Photoshop.

Today we would like to share with pour readers a few animals whose fur is a canvas for nature. At the end we have also prepared a bonus for our readers, so read till the end.

Scroll down to look at these animal photos that prove nature is a coloring master.

He’s testing a brand new camouflage so he can hide when he makes a mess


Lucky number 7

Lucky number 7

A masked hero

masked hero

Animals really do love mustaches


Tuxedo and a mustache? What a gentleman!


When you want your owner to know that you’re number 1 in their life


This pup loves you so much, even his fur shows it!


A star is born!


Hey, do you like my new socks?


Not sure if that’s The Flash or Harry Potter…

Harry Potter

The hero we need but don’t deserve


Bat-bear waiting for his batmobile


All these animals with mustaches should create a gentleman’s club!


Yes, human, that circle shows exactly where to pet me!


Humans painted this cat, not nature, but we thought we should share it anyway


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