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A small blind senior and blue dog was rescued off the streets

Max is the name of a dog that was found off the streets of the Massachusetts roaming as astray. But what really puzzled his rescuers was that this dog was not only a senior and blind but his fur was also blue in color.

Seeing a blue blind dog roaming the streets of a busy city is quite a sight and as soon he was rescued, he was taken to the Scituate Animal Shelter. A vet examined the senior dog who told Max’s age to be around 10 years and besides suffering from a bad infection and of course being totally blind, Max was in great health. The one thing that needed to be figured out was as to why in the hell was this senior dog dyed in blue color?



President of the board of directors for the Scituate Animal Shelter, named Lisey Good said to media, “Max had right blue color on pretty much every part of his body except for his face. We were puzzled but then our vet solved the problem for us about this blue color or so does he thinks. According to the vet, the dog had recently been treated for a severe case of flea infestation. To treat it, he was given a flea bath that can often due to fur sometimes blue in color. We are still not sure about this explanation but it is our next best guess. It makes sense also because we could also see that Max had fleas. As for why he was roaming in the streets all alone, we had no idea.”

Someone had actually been trying to treat him but he still ended up all alone on the streets as a stray.



To get rid of the blue color off of Max’s skin, he was first given a warm bath and then a fur trimming off of his body. After having the little trimming, the pup seemed to be in great condition and also seemed a lot more comfortable than before.



Good said, “You could clearly tell that after his bath, Max was really thrilled. The blue color came off and the rest was taken care of by the trim. He loves to be held by anyone and he can sense if anyone is in the room. Company of any person seems to soothe him.”



Due to Max being quite old and fragile in health, he was placed in a foster home to make his life a little extra comfort. As for Max, he clearly seems to love his new life.



Good said, “He is our favorite Blue Dog and also he is our only Blue Dog.”

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