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Biggest Animals

Animals come in various shapes, sizes and weights. They can be as small as to be seen by microscope or some as big as 30 meters in length. It does not matter whether you measure these animals in terms of weight, size or height some species are bigger than other spies of the same class. Today we bring to your some of the biggest animals on the planet in their own family.

Whale Shark:-

One of the largest living fish creatures is the Whale Shark. The longest recorded whale shark is about 40 feet or 12 meters in length. This enormously large shark weighs about 24 tons but despite its humongous size and terrifying appearance, it mostly feeds on plankton. Their natural habitation is in Tropical sea waters but currently they face extinction due to excessive poaching and hunting.

Whale Shark

Brown Bear:-

The title for the largest carnivorous animal on land is tied between Brown Bear and Polar Bear. Brown bear has a slight advantage due to its enormous weight of 907 kg on a body standing tall at 10 feet height. This magnificent species of bear is found in the forests of North America, Europe and Asia.  Polar bear the close second contender can be found in the Arctic Circle.

Brown Bear


Giraffes on average have a height of about 19 feet or 5.8 meters. They are crowned as the tallest living animal on earth. The neck of giraffe is alone 6 feet in height. The animal is mostly native of East Africa. For sustenance they make use of their long neck and long prehensile tongues to pull and eat young shoots and leaves from tall trees. Baby giraffes born after 15 months gestation period are measured average of 2 meters in height.


Colossal Squid:-

Size of the Colossal Squid is quite a debate on internet amongst animal enthusiast and especially marine life enthusiasts. Some report that they can reach up to a length of 60 feet or 18 meters. However all of these are just speculations as the largest recorded Colossal Squid was measured for a length of 45 feet or 14 meters. However this animal has the largest diameter of eyes in the whole animal kingdom with a single eye of 10 inches in diameter.

Colossal Squid

Blue Whale:-

Blue Whale is the largest animal living on the face of earth which weighs on average about 180 tons and a length reaching approximately 98 feet or 30 meters. They are so gigantic in length that their tongue alone weighs the weight of an adult elephant and their heart as heavy as a small car. They are titled as the largest living animal and more specifically the largest living mammal on the planet. Despite this huge size, they only depend upon tiny plankton for sustenance.

Blue Whale

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