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This Brave Little Dog Thought Her Human Needed Her To Be Rescued

Meet this little brave dog named Denali who likes to lend her paw for help even when she is not wanted to help. Still, do not dare to tell her this.

No matter what anyone ways about her, she is a sweet and a brave little pup.


Denali’s owner named Meg decided to take a little swim in her family’s swimming pool on one fine evening earlier this week. Meg’s sister was also there and was recording the tricks her sister had been performing on the night from the pool’s diving board. At that point in time, Denali was not there, well at first anyway.

The thing is that Denali also loves to swim but that night Meg had her inside the house and closed the screen door to keep her away from the pool. But as soon as Denali heard the splash of water and the scream of her owner, she thought that her owner was in distress so she decided to run out and help her. And to help her, nothing in Denali’s way could stop her.

Well, you can see it for yourself in the video below as Denali comes to Meg’s rescue.

In one swift moment, Denali busted right through that screen door as it was paper and dived into the water to save Meg. Well, the dog actually landed right on top of her sinking Meg further down a little bit. But, hey it’s the thought that matters right?


Denali efforts finally paid off.


While the screen door needs some real fixing, no one is mad at Denali for her good intentions. In fact, Denali selfless act to rescue her owner and caring about no obstacle in her path has actually led to Meg being closer to Denali.

Meg says, “I knew that she would do anything to remain at my side and she has now just proven it.”

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