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A Skinny Pitbull Was Found Abandoned In A Cage; Now After His Rescue He Looks Completely Different

Dice is the name of a pitbull do that was shoved inside a cage and left there to die. He would have not survived if somebody had not found the 3 years old pup. The police officers were serving the eviction notices in the neighborhood of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was then they were alerted about Dice by some children that a dog was sitting in his cage outside of an apartment that was abandoned.

Weak Dog


The co-founder of the Feeling Fine Rescue named Tracey Godin said, “The tenants had left the place and left the poor old pup to fend for himself in a cage with no food and water. The children said that the dog has been there for a week or maybe more.”

weak dog


Godin said, “It seemed that the poor Dice was neglected for a long time as he was just skin and bones. It seemed as if he had not been fed properly for a long time. One more week could have had been his last.”

Godin only learned about Dice when the police officers called the animal shelter and they took photos which they spotted on their site.

 shelter Dog


Godin said that she and her friends were schooled to see the dog. The very next day, Godin went to the animal control shelter with her daughter and adopted Dice and took him straight to a vet.

Funny Dog


Godin said, “The dog could not walk without falling for more than 5 or 6 feet. He came out of the car but collapsed after only taking one step o the sidewalk. I was afraid that he was not going to live. Instead of being 65 pounds, he was only 30 pounds. His skull bone was visible to see from his skin. His eyes had sunken deep inside.”

A Women Love With Dog


After some days at vet’s clinic, Dice was brought to Godin’s home where they helped the dog with his marvelous recovery.

Within the first week, he gained like 10 pounds and another week he was already 50 pounds. And finally, after one more week, he was 65 pounds.

Healthful Dog


Godin said, “From the minute we met with Dice, he was a loving dog. He had an amazing personality.”

Dog in Driving Seats


Dice was lucky because in December last year, he was liked by a family who was willing to adopt their third dog.

Godin said, “After seeing him, they fell in love with him. They came to have several visits and asked if they could have a meet and greet of Dice with their 2 other dogs.”

Beautiful Dogs


The meet and greet turned out to be a great success. Dice hit off with his soon to be new brothers and two weeks later, he was going to the home on a foster need basis. However, after 2 weeks, the family decided they wanted to adopt Dicer for good.

A Skinny Pitbull Was Found Abandoned In A Cage; Now After His Rescue He Looks Completely Different


As for Dice, he also knows that he is now in good hands.

Family Dogs


Godin said, “The family was surprised as to how quickly Dice and they bonded and adjusted with each other. One of their children came home from school and said, ‘I am glad that you are here Dice. We are not letting you go back. I missed you so much when I was at school.’”

Sleeping Dog


Now Dice is living happily with his new family at his forever home where no one is going to abandon him for the rest of his life.

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