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Internet is going crazy over this Adorable and Unique-Looking Dog

While all dogs are special and uni2que in their own way, things are a little extra unique with this cute and adorable pup named Lucky.

His appearance which is a curious one quite literally makes him stand out in the crowd.



Lucky is a 2 years old pup that lives quite happily with his owner named Charice Fca Cha in Thailand. He was adopted by Charice Fca Cha last week but in that short amount of time, the pup has proven himself to be the shining star of her owner’s life.

Whenever the pair goes out for a walk or a run, it is Lucky who steals the thunder.

Interesting Puppy


Charice said, “He does so many expressions. As for people, they are always stunned, then super excited and a little surprised to see him. People want to actually come up to him and meet him.”

It is clearly easy to understand why it is so.

Puppy care


Lucky is a pup that was born with a condition called Heterochromia in which each of his eyes ahs a different color from the other. For Lucky, one of his eyes is blue in color while the other one is brown.

Still, this is not all that gave Lucky his fame.

Amazing Puppy


Above the right eye of the pup is a mark in the form of an arch and is dark in color. This arch seems as if it is a cartoonish eyebrow.

innocent Puppy


Many people did not believe that Lucky was real but after many pictures of him posted by Charice people have started to actually fall in love. Still, they have a hard time believing the pup.

Charice said, “Some people even say that I have used a permanent marker to draw this eyebrow on Lucky’s eye or must have photoshopped it on his face.”

Paw of Puppy


As for Lucky, with this condition, he still is a healthy dog. He was very skinny when adopted by Charice but she has taken care of him to nurse him back to complete health.

Charice said, “He is a very clingy little guy. Wherever I go, he sticks with me all the time.”


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