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A Man’s Sweetest Act Of Kindness To A Dragonfly During Baseball Game

A Reddit user by the name Nic was attending a baseball game with his few friends in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this month. However, the most memorable part of her baseball day with a friend actually had nothing to do with the game but instead was entirely something else.

There they witnessed the kindness of a human being at its finest.



As it was a very windy day and Nic and her friends were all settled in their seats to watch the game, she noticed someone else as it w battling against the strong winds.

Nic said, “A massive dragonfly was actually flying around our seats. I remember saying to myself, “hat a good workout this miniature aircraft is having during this wind. What a powerhouse.’ As I remember it, the dragonfly was really working very hard.”

As the stadium started to fill up with more and more people, it seemed that the dragonfly would not have enough seats to sit by. Then he decided to take a risk as he landed on top of man’s leg who was sitting right in front of Nic.

As it happens to be, the dragonfly had actually found itself a perfect place to rest.

Instead of brushing the dragonfly away like anyone else would have had done, the man remained completely composed and calm. He was being quite reasonable to make the dragonfly feel accommodated.

Inning after inning of the game passed but the dragonfly was sitting on man’s leg, who did not move his leg or the dragonfly.



Even when everyone in the stadium stood up in excitement at one point, the man remained still for the sake of dragonfly.



Nic said that at one time a beer vendor was selling beers came to the man and asked him. He said that I would like to have a beer but you need to come to me as you can see that this little guy is having his rest.

Nic said, “The guy was seriously interested in well being of the dragonfly.”



Nic said, “Near the time of game ending, the dragonfly flew away and all of us watching had a collective ‘Ahh’. Especially the man had a sad ‘Ahh’ of homeless too.”

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