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Lion was about to lose a fight against 20 hyenas, brother rushes to save him after hears his cries for help

Everyone knows that wildlife documentaries are of intense nature because anything can happen in the wild. Our today’s story will have blood rushing to your heart and head. BBC Earth recently shared a clip of one of their documentary series titled “Dynasties” which depicts a lion named “Red” who found himself surrounded by a pack of more than 20 hungry Hyenas. Red tries to growl to fend off these hyenas. However, these Hyenas only cackle, paw and bite at poor Red in their attempts to wear him down.



The narrator explains, “Red ventured out in the wild alone and find himself surrounded by a pack of 20 Hyenas in the Hyena town.



He finds himself trapped amongst these 20 hungry and ferocious hyenas.

lion vs Hyenas


The pack of Hyenas tries to wear down the Poor fellow and this much number of Hyenas can certainly kill him.

Hyenas tries Hyenas hit tries


It is impossible for Red to fight them all and he is having trouble now keeping them at bay. He is tiring fast.

Red to fight attacking grab hit eat


Watch what happens next as Red is tiring fast surrounded among the attacking Hyenas down below in the video clip from BBC Earth.

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