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Man Suffers A Stroke and Receives A Visit From A Cutest Visitor in the Hospital

What you about to see is the way love looks like.

Earlier last week a woman named Lizzy Peake shared a heartfelt and loving video scene between an elderly man and his pet dog on her Twitter account. The man in the video was actually Peake’s own grandfather who suffered a stroke and was currently residing in the hospital undergoing rehabilitation. Without a doubt, his whole family was there in his time of need to take care of him and was regularly visiting him. However, there was still one family member that has been missing him. It was the family dog who loves his elderly owner very much.

Man Suffers A Stroke and Receives A Visit From A Cutest Visitor in the Hospital

Peake wrote, “My grandpa was not able to speak really clearly be were still able to hear the word Holly from his mouth. This is the name of our pet dog. So we talked to the hospital staff and they gave us permission for letting him see her and he was clearly very happy to see her.”

Below is the video of that touching moment when grandpa was surprised by his greeting pet dog, Holly.

While the relationship between the man and his dog is not known to the full extent, the above video can clearly give a brief intro of as to how close both of them really are.

We do hope that this surprise visit will be a good effect on his health and help to speed up his recovery.

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