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A Family Driving Back From A Road Trip Notices A Giant Snake Hanging Out On Their Car

Rebecca Mills and her family was driving back home from their road trip from the Granite Gorge Nature Park I located in Australia and were feeling relaxed when they suddenly noticed something bizarre.

On the front side of their car, a giant snake was calmly hitching a ride.


Mills after posting the video wrote about her encounter on social media, “you have heard about Snakes on a Plane but we actually had snakes on a range.”

The family was quite alarmed seeing the giant snake hitching ride on their car but the snake was completely unfazed by all this. He was casually lying on the car as he bobbed his head around.


As the snake was holding on to the car, the family yelling what to do. Mills’ husband could be heard in the video saying that the snake is his pet now.  As for their daughter, she was quite terrified of this whole scenario.

Mills told media, “With no place to pull the car to the side, we drove a little further ahead and looked for a place to pull over.”


After some time, the family found a safe place to pull over.


As soon as the car stopped moving, the snake started slithering towards the windshield causing everyone to the street screaming in the car (of course girls only).


Eventually, Mills’ husband came out of the car and let the snake off the car safely into the side of the road from where he slithered his way into the forest safely. With the snake gone, the family continued their journey back home and was hoping that they would not encounter any such thing again.

Watch the video of the whole situation down below which was recorded by Rebecca Mills. You can also hear the joke of Mills’ husband as well as the shrieks of their daughter as the snake started moving towards the windshield.

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