Horse gets stuck in a swimming pool; a crane was needed to get him out

A man was on his way to a normal morning around his house in Kent, England when he suddenly came upon something truly bizarre on a Monday morning. As he was about to go looking for a  newspaper, he saw outside of his house’s window and saw a horse which was standing in his swimming pool. The horse was trying to get out of this predicament but he kept on slipping at the bottom of slipper pool.

The man thought worriedly that the poor horse might have been stuck there for all night long. Realizing this he decided to give a call to RSPCA to help the poor horse.

An inspector and an animal collection officer by names Rosie Russon and Brian Milligan arrived on the scene as soon as they received the report. Despite being aware of the situation they were going to experience, they were still shocked to see an unexpected animal like a horse paddling around in a backyard pool.

Russon said to media, “She was clearly very cold. The water was not deep as it was only at 1 meter. The water was barely reaching the horse’s stomach. Still, the horse was not able to get out of the pool on her own. We were concerned that she might get hypothermia.”

Russon and Milligan did not have tools to get the horse out of the pool on their own. To get extra help, they called out the Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

The fire service also arrived shortly thereafter and assessed the situation. They decided to remove the horse from the pool with help of a crane.

They secured some straps around the horse’s body and attach them to a crane.

Then they slowly lifted her out of the pool and onto the green grass and once more, the horse was finally safe and sound.

She was named as Ellie by her rescuers. She was given this name after a Paralympic swimming champion Ellie Simmonds. Ellie was sent to a vet for a checkup where it was determined that she was 4 years old. Although she had a microchip, it was not registered. This left her without any owners.

Russon said, “She hurt her legs when she fell into the swimming pool but other than that, she was fit and fine.”

RSPCA has now sent Ellie to a private boarding situation where she will heal her injuries.

As for her falling into the pool, it is believed that she might have been wandering in the dark and might have fallen into the pool. It was good luck that she was found out by the right people as she now has a second chance to life.

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