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Dog tricked by owner

It is a proven fact that dogs are one of the best animal pets with great intelligence. It is this intelligence that allows them to learn various tricks taught by their owners. Once in a while, you come across a video of a dog doing something amazing like walking on its two hind legs or even are taught to bark with sounds almost audible like to human sounds (almost).

In the end, these dogs and many other animals of their sorts are just animals. They can be taught to do various cool tricks that seem impossible for animals to perform but that is it they are just mere tricks. They do not possess the intelligence like us humans.

However, it is also a proven fact that animals have emotions and they express it almost with human-like precision be it anger, disappointment, sadness or happiness.

In our today’s video, we bring to you a pet dog that appears to be quite intelligent as it has been taught by his owner to perform human-like decision making. In the video, the owner has hidden the dog treat in one of his hands which are both closed tightly. Now the dog has to make the decision as to which is the right hand. Given his strong sense of smell, this is but a rather task. The dog actually chooses the hand with treat in it but what happened next and the dog’s expression after it happening is priceless.

Have a look at this video to have a laugh and a memory that will serve as a refresher for your whole day.

Watch the video down below.

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