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Cute Therapy Dog Cheers for Runners at Boston Marathon

Meet Spencer, who is an 8 years old good boy and a certified therapy dog. He is not only a therapy dog but also a cheerleader.

The Golden Retriever and his dad named Rich Powers go to almost everywhere, where they are needed. Spencer visits the schools, senior centers, and hospitals to spread the joy. His most notable cheerleading session was at the Boston Marathon where he cheered for the runners.

Below is the video of the Spencer sitting on a crate at the last year’s marathon with a flag in his mouth with wiring ‘Boston Strong”. The video went viral and was viewed for almost 3 million times on Facebook.

Runners were also happy to see such a great supporter and even stopped to take pictures with him. His dad also wore him a coat, so the brave dog would not feel the cold and rain and cheer for the runners in comfort.

Now the marathon is happening again and Spencer is taking part like last year too. This year, he has come with the weather forecast and is prepared for the weather.

Spencer was seen wearing a yellow raincoat when the skies filled up over Boston. The coat helped him stayed dry and also to stand out in the crowd of thousands.

The pup, which was stationed near the 2-mile marker was seen holding two flags in his mouth this time and was content to cheer the runners. His presence was a welcomed one by the runners as they started the 26.2 miles marathon course.

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