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Woman Adopts Stray Dog With 2 Mouths, One Mouth is in place of the ear

Let us introduce or readers with a special dog named Toad. Toad was only 6 years old when she was sent to a shelter where the current owner worked for a few years. The whole staff was shocked to see Toad’s bizarre appearance. Toad was also very aggressive when she came to the shelter.

The owner who worked at the shelter at the time took Toad to a vet with another staff. Their Toad and her mother had their eyes connect with each other and the dog that was aggressive went kind of relaxed.

The very next day, when her owner was about to take her for getting evaluated, Toad simply jumped into her lap and rested her head on her owner’s shoulder. Then and there her owner decided to adopt Toad and since then both of them have been inseparable.



One of the main reasons for the organization named “Mutt Misfits” was founded was dogs like Toad. The rescue organization had an aim to help the special, sick, injured, deformed as well as needy dogs who were facing euthanasia. The shelter was founded back in May of 2017 and since then they have saved more than 200 misfit dogs.



As you can see in the picture below, Toad has 2 ears like any other dog but when you lift the right ear, get ready for a shock, there is another mouth there. This mouth even has teeth and saliva glands as well. Although most people find these dogs disgusting, the misfit rescue staff finds them lovely.



The 2nd mouth does not have any jaw so it cannot chew anything. It still produces saliva and is also connected with the original mouth. The extra mouth has three teeth which are cleaned by a vet often.



Despite her deformity, Toad is a healthy and sweet dog. Her X-rays also do not show any serious condition. The theory is that in the womb she might have absorbed one of her twins.

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Ever since her adoption, she has been a sweet girl who is loved by all and loves all.

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