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Soldier From Overseas Sends His Dog A Sweetest Gift Back Home

To a dog named Brindle, the past 9 months had been quite hard. His human dad JD Aument who is serving as a firefighter in US military reserves overseas had not been able to meet with his dog and Brindle misses him too much.

JD’s wife named Rachel said to media, “Brindle is so sad without him being here. Although he loves me but I am not JD.”

The story goes as prior to JD adopting Brindle; he was like any other dog that could be found at shelter. He only found a friend in JD.



From that day on, JD and Brindle were an inseparable bunch. That was until JD was deployed overseas last year.



With JD not being at home, it had also been hard on another family dog named Xander. He is bonded to the mother more as compared to dad JD. This is why he is a lot easier to calm. As for Brindle ever since JD was deployed it had been hard for Rachel to handle him.

Rachel said, “There are days when Brindle just sits near the window all day.”

Last week, after hearing about as to how much Brindle misses him, JD sent a token of his love to his beloved pup back home via mail. This gift was actually JD’s unwashed t-shirt that had his smell.

Below is the video when Brindle received the love token of JD as if he has suddenly found his best friend.

Rachel said, “He immediately knew that it was JD’s shirt. When I was recording this video, I was crying so hard”.

For Brindle, JD was back in a way and it was the happiest moment for her in the last 9 months.

Rachel said, “He carried JD’s shirt to the bed and slept with it for the rest of the day.”



Instead of letting Brindle carry the short everywhere, Rachel came with an amazing idea. She dressed Brindle in JD’s shirt.



Although Brindle loves it, she is not aware that only after 1 month, JD will be coming back home.



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