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Viral video shows a crow robbing customers in the parking lot of Wawa

Let us tell you guys, things are not safe anymore, now a person cannot expect to walk through the parking lot of a shopping mall safely right in the broad daylight.

While you might laugh at our words, but you are doing this because you have not met with Edgar.


Edgar is the name given to a wild crow that has been spotted living sometimes upon the sign of a convenience store named Wawa. This is the ideal height of the parking lot from where the crow can see every customer walking in and out of the store.

It was only yesterday when one particular visitor of the convenience store learned the lesson that the sneaky bird has its eyes on everyone and no one is safe from it.

The whole thing was witnessed by a local musician from Philadelphia named Curtis Remarc.

Remarc said, “I was driving in my car when I saw some people pointing at a direction and talking. They were actually pointing to the Wawa sign ad a crow sitting atop it. I got out and the first words I hear are that I cannot believe he really stole it.”


This was when Remarc himself saw up and saw that the crow actually had something held in his beak. He said, “It was actual money.”

Remarc instantly knew that he had to capture this thieving crow on video.

As Remarc had filmed the crow he hears a man saying, “I cannot believe he stole from me. I actually fed him food yesterday.”

Remarc had to make sure that what he heard was true. He asked the man if the crow’s name was really Edgar and he said, “Yeah I call him that. I was feeding him yesterday and now he has taken my dollar bill.”

After Remarc entered the store he asked the manager who said that things like these were common with Edgar. He has even swooped down to snatch food, cigarette and even cash of people before and then he stashes all of that inside the sign.

Funny Crow

Crows have been studied to be real smart birds and now it seems that these crows are now learning to use their smartness or evil deeds.

Remarc says laughing, “It was a dreadful mugging”.

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