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‘World’s Loudest Bird’, The Bellbird doesn’t even sound like a real bird

The sound of the birds chirping is considered as one of the most comforting sounds in the world. Their sound is songlike that is soothing to the ears. However, there is one sound of a bird called White Bellbird which has nothing soothing about its ear-deafening noises. It is even hard to imagine that the tiny body of this bird is even able to produce these high pitched blaring noises.



The species of the White Bellbird is found in the regions of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guianas. This Bellbird is known to be the loudest bird in the whole world and the sound of theirs comes as a shock to the first-time listener. It sounds as if a large horn is blaring or a fire alarm has gone off. The sound of the White Bellbird can reach up to nearly 125 decibels which is the same level as a noisy musical concert.

The males of the White Bellbird species use these high pitched loud calls for calling out to the females if they are perched next to them. At this range, their calls are ear-deafening which causes the females to fly away. The only purpose of females to listen to these loud calls is to access a male to be her potential mate. But they are not able to endure these high pitched noises for long.



Scientists have been studying these White Bellbirds to know as to how can these small birds can create such high pitched noises from their small body frame.

A study on these Bellbirds concludes, “In the white Bellbirds, we found out that right before signing, these birds tend to gulp in a large quantity of air and inflate their throats and then they open their beaks as wide as they can.”



The call for a mate for these White Bellbirds is unlike any other in the entire animal kingdom.

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