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Real Stories of Animals Running For Political Office

They say politics looks like a scene at a zoo especially when elections season comes but no matter what candidates are people…most of the time. You will be thoroughly amazed to know that some of the animals have also run for election campaigns over course of previous few years. Some of these animals ran for elections as a form of protest while others only to promote a cause. Whatever the case may be these animal electoral campaigns are real and some of these are as follows.


In 2013, residents of Xalapa, Mexico being fed up with the corruption and drug violence in the region, one of the residents named Sergio Chamorro entered his cat, Morris in the election campaign. The reason he presented was that like many of the previous mayors, his cat also sleeps all day and does almost nothing and this makes him a suitable candidate for being a mayor. Morris got about 12000 open votes in ballot and made it to fourth place out of 11 other candidates.


Pa Kettle:-

An unincorporated community in the Divide, Colorado, and each year chooses animals as mayor only for ceremonial purpose. Local animal shelters organize these elections with each vote raising 1 dollar for benefit of animals. In 2014’s ceremonial election of Divide, a search and rescue dog named Pa Kettle won the election beating other candidates like a wolf, horse, donkey, cat, hedgehog and five other dogs and raised almost 10000 dollars. His record was beaten by a wolf named Shunka in 21016’s election when the election raised about 38000 dollars.

Pa Kettle

Crawfish B. Crawfish:-

In 2015, a crawfish stood against the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Gindel in the elections. This crawfish not only submitted his statement of candidacy to Federal Election Commission but also had a birth form if need be. Sadly being a crustacean, this crawfish’s political career didn’t advanced much further.

Crawfish B


Stubbs is the longest living animal mayor of the Talkeetna, Alaska. He has been their mayor since 1997. He is named Stubbs because he has no tail. Stubbs was nominated for election because the people of Talkeetna were fed up with their human mayors for a long time. Stubbs is not a great mayor by not raising any taxes for local businesses but also attracts a lot of tourist attraction benefiting the economy of Talkeetna.



Rio de Janeiro’s  mayor in 1980 was not that popular among both humans and animals. When the mayor visited the Rio’s local Zoo, a chimpanzee named Tiao begin to hurl feces at him. It was repeated on several occasions and mayor was the only target.

In 1988 at the time of next election cap gin the “Brazilian banana Party” named Tiao as their candidate and Tiao went on to receive about 400,000 votes which got him third position out of 11 other candidates. Tiao also has the Guinness world record for “being The Chimpanzee and to receive most vote in a Political Campaign”. Sadly Tiao passed away at the age of 33 years old in 1996.



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