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Funny Uber Animal Memes

An Uber ride can easily become one of your life’s most memorable experiences. Don’t think so then imagine this for an instance. You are wasted and you are starving a hell and in for some kebab munchies but the nearest Kebab joint that still is open up at 3 am in the morning is located miles away. Call for an Uber and if your driver hears your rumbling stomach he will offer you a candy. It’s the best I know.

Now consider this, your driver got lost trying to find you and your are soaking wet in the rain while you are getting texts that your ,meal is getting cold.

To illustrate these and many other funny Uber experiences, people have made use of hilarious animal pictures to use as Uber memes. These memes are just point on the humorous front. Today we have decided to compile a list for you of these hilarious and funny Uber animal memes.

Scroll down to look for yourself at these memes and look for the one that perfectly illustrates your Uber experience.






uber driver








dog ride






drunk driver


dog belt




dog glasses


dog uber driver


ubers to the bar


uber driver here


safe flight


drunk squad


wrong uber


camel dance

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