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Animals that will make you laugh hard

We’ve known for a long time that the best cure for depression is pets. That’s why there is nothing surprising about the fact that sometimes we bond with our pets so much that we allow them to do a little more than we probably should. Animals love to fool around! For example, the horse from our compilation loves playing with zippers — we even found a sleeping dog that looks like a skull!

Today we have decided to collect a few photos of animals that know how to easily improve the moods of the people around them.

Scroll down to look at the photos of these animals that will make you laugh hard.

Owner sprained her ankle, so her cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity


When your cat gives you subtle hints that it needs attention

needs attention

He might have grown but still a baby at heart


When you get ready for a shower but check the temperature first


Exhausted from a life of failed attempts, the dog fell asleep after she finally accomplished her elusive goal

elusive goal

Dobby only brings owner her pink bunny when he is not feeling well. It’s the bunny they bought for her when she was sick, so clearly it has feel-better medicine in it


Bulldog kept interrupting owners at their outdoor movie night


Before and after telling the dog that she is a good girl

good girl

This is a giant antelope skull found in the desert. Just joking, it’s a dog sleeping

giant antelope skull

Puppy places all of his toys on his bed and then sleeps on the floor. Go figure


Make sure it’s a good one, Bob


This is what cat engagement photos would look like

cat engagement

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