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Cutest pictures of animals with their humans

Sometimes we feel down and don’t see how wonderful the world and its inhabitants are. In these moments let’s open up our eyes wider. Animals are an endless source of positive emotions and can have a therapeutic effect on us.

We can’t promise this bunch of animal photos will change your world. But they will definitely come with a heartwarming side effect.

Scroll down to look at the cutest pictures of animals with their humans.

So that’s who was living inside the egg

inside the egg

Cutest patient ever; I could just stare at those eyes forever

Cutest patient

Scary funny or funny-scary? you decide for yourself

Scary funny

This just made my day a whole lot better


They say your favorite sleeping position tells about you a lot

sleeping position

Onions are mesmerizing for this cat


Caught them red handed

red handed

That’s what we call positive thinking

positive thinking

Ninja cat strikes when you least expect it

Ninja cat

Bunny snuggles equal curtness overload

Bunny snuggles

Who dropped the dogs all over the floor?


When you’ve found someone who’s just as cute as you are

dog with toy

Tonight it’s my turn to sleep


Holding hands with your loved ones makes everything feel okay

Holding hands

Long distance relationships are hard


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