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This cat opening a door by himself is truly amazing

Cats have been known to do some really silly stuff but at the same time they have also been known for doing some pretty amazing things that often make us wonder as “If they are humans in cat skin”.

There have been numerous videos on internet to prove that cats are really amazing and intelligent creatures with ability to mimic the actions of humans. One such example is cats opening the doors to go outside while this might sound like an ordinary thing but for a cat to understand the intricacy of something like a door and opening it like a human is an amazing feat for an animal.


Today we share a video from a woman who shared a video on twitter of his roommate cat. The woman could not figure out as to how her roommate’s cat was able to always leave the bathroom. So in order to reveal this mystery she set up a hidden camera for this great escape. The camera was painted on the shower shelf while the cat was shut inside the bathroom. Then she paced the cat food bag outside the door to entice the cat to open the door.

To that woman’s surprise, the cat was able to break out in less than five minutes. @steeleio_ explained via Twitter DM said, “Once he got out, we gave him a treat and watched the video together. As for my roommate, she was in complete shock.”

Here is the video of this cat breaking out of the bathroom.

Other Twitter users could not help but share the videos of their cats opening doors, windows and cupboard doors as well. All of these videos are down below.

This cat ‘Tries’ to open a door by himself

This cat opening a door by himself to let his buddy in

This cat is known for opening drawers and turning on the water faucet

Well we don’t know what this is but this can be called amazing, right?

This cat is a master at opening cupboards

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