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These Crazy Rebel Cats That Don’t Care About Your Stupid Rules

Dogs tear apart our stuff because it’s fun for them, and there’s nothing evil behind their actions. But cats, on the other hand, know exactly what they’re doing, and there’s always a reason behind it. Cats don’t hesitate about anything.

We have collected photos of few cats along with them doing crazy antics.

So scroll down to look at these crazy rebel cats ho don’t care about your stupid rules.

Knowing me, you shouldn’t have put paper doors human

paper doors

Come on Human, take my paw! I’ll rescue you


I like it better this way, so tough luck for you human

tough luck

Oops…I did it on purpose


This is why the owner quit doing yoga anymore


This is how my buddy found his cat hanging upside down in the bathroom

cat hanging

You call this art; I can do much better, see!


The cat who hates Blondes to the bone


I also came here after hearing the breaking noise


I guess it’s time to talk to my cat about her changing body


This cat looks badass in his fort

badass cat

Aww, we were just sorting out the cabinet for you human


How’s that for a Selfie human

Selfie human

You are not doing it right, let me do it for you


Your pillow and your boyfriend are mines now, so git


Historical proof that cats are A**holes


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