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These doggy pictures will brighten up your day

There is a famous phrase that dog is man’s best friend and it is certainly true. Some dog whisperers have also claimed that dogs have special instincts that make them able to feel the emotions like depression form their owners. After sensing these emotions dogs will try their best to either make you laugh or console you by staying close to you. Today we are talking about the first ye of dogs that know how to cheer up the humans. For this we have gathered a list of doggy pictures that will instantly brighten up your day. Don’t believe us? Simply scroll down to look at these cute and funny pictures of dogs who know how to cheer you up. Some of these are certainly going to melt your heart.

This doggy is going as Casper for Halloween

Casper for Halloween

He is already a corporate slave

corporate slave

There is no such thing as bad time for a nap

bad time

This dog has a big heart both inside and outside

big heart

A doggy pretending to be a sulky teenager


The team work made this escape possible

team work

He is clearly annoyed of his little brother

little brother

Snacks in the bag; I am set for my vacation

Snacks in the bag

She is gasped out after two seconds of trying to eat the blanket


Camouflaged puppy

Camouflaged puppy

He is the master of hide and seek

hide and seek

Best date ever

Best date ever

There is a certain charm in being jolly.

certain charm

Can you find the real one?

real one

Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

Branch Manager

The librarian of the doggy world

doggy world

He looks up to his dad to be like him one day


Cutest thing I have seen on internet so far

internet so far

He looks like a man-child living in his parent’s basement

parent’s basement

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