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Roo; a puppy rescued from Hong Kong’s puppy mill in a very bad state, now her life is turned around completely

The puppy named Roo was rescued by a Hong Kong native named Felix L. the puppy was rescued by Felix from a puppy mill located in Hong Kong. The puppy ill was breeding her to breed even smaller puppies.

As a result of poor living conditions for the animals, the puppy got its left ear infected petty badly. The rescuer of Roo thought that the people at the mill probably branded her with some infected material and that caused her infection to set in and worsen without any proper care.

After she was rescued and liberated from the puppy mill, Roo was taken straight to a vet. The vet after initial diagnosis had to cut off her left ear. It was there that the rescuer of Roo came to know about that she was also missing teeth.

After a full rehabilitation and without her left ear and her teeth, she is still a happy and good looking puppy with her own signature look. Can you spot her signature look in the pictures down below?

Roo is also now a traveler and goes everywhere with her daddy. See the pictures of their adventures down below.

I Think My Tongue Is Frozen!


I Found the Best Hiding Spot, but My Tongue Gave Me Away

Hiding spot

Does My Nose Look Big Here?


This Is My Treehouse. No Trespassing!


Fish Are Friends Not Food!


Trying To Get That Bacon Crumb off My Face

Bacon Crumb

We Finally Watched The New Star Wars Movie And We Were So Happy! BB8 is My Favorite Droid!

Star Wars

If You Were Stuck On An Island And You Could Only Pick One Type Of Food To Eat For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would You Pick? Mine Would Be Fries


I Thought I Wound Find Elsa Here…


The Party Isn’t Over Till I Say It’s Over!


Enjoying This Beautiful Day On Fake Grass And A Giant Bus Converted Into A Live Band Area For Hoomans. City Life Is Weird!

Fake Grass

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