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Tragic story of common household Ingredient “Xylitol, an artificial sweetener” Which could kill your Dog

Recently a dog owner has spoken out to the public through media forums about a heartbreaking incident related to her dog’s death. The dog died after it found a food containing the artificial sweetener that led to its death.

dog owner

Kate Chacksfield told the media as how her pet dog named “Ruby” died after she found herself the home-baked brownies that had the sugar alternate “Xylitol” for sweetness added in them.

pet dog

Mrs. Chacksfield suffers from a disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.) or more commonly known as “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. As a precautionary measure for the disease, she is forced to use the Artificial Sweetener in her foods instead of regular sugar. The artificial sweetener which she uses is known as Xylitol. The substance may be not harmful for humans but it is definitely lethal for dogs.

She told media, “When I was recovering from my ailments as I have been ill for several years, I was told by my doctors to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners. The recommended some great products like ‘Xylitol’ and ‘Stevia leaf’ to me”.

Stevia leaf

She further stated, “Xylitol is a perfect substance for a sugar alternative and is not harmful for humans at all. The thing I did not know was that it was harmful and lethal to dogs, and I am certain hat many people who are using it, also don’t know about it.”

She told media that after 36 hours of consumption, Ruby started to throw up violently and collapsed on the floor. She took her to vet carrying her in her arms. According to her, vets tried their best to save her. Unfortunately, doctors were under the impression that Ruby had ingested Warfarin; a pest control which she could have picked up in a park.

injured dog

She was transferred to the Royal Veterinary College but ultimately she succumbed to the poisoning and died after nine days at the age of seven years.

Dr Nicola Robinson, a veterinary surgeon who runs the Animal Poison Line said to media that if such cases occur, owners have a high chance to save their dogs if they act promptly.

According to doctor, sugar-free gums also contain Xylitol up to 70 percent. They are easily accessible by pet dogs and dogs also love these very much. According to doctor, a single piece of sugar-free gum containing Xylitol can be lethal to dogs.

here is an interview of Ms. Chacksfield as she talked to the media sources.


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