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American non-profit rescue shelter, ‘Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue’ member saves a pig from butcher and he is now living a good life

A member of the Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue Shelter; n American nonprofit rescue shelter member named Catherine Besch rescued a pig from a Vietnamese butcher back in 2014.

The name of the pig, which is of course given to him by his rescuer is Master Julian.

The story goes on, Julian was one morning transferred along with his two siblings to a butcher farm where they were raised to be meat in Hoi An, Vietnam. The rescuer Catherine Besch took one of these three piglets out of the basket and that was Master Julian.

According to Catherine Besch herself, when she took him out, people were laughing at her for buying a tiny piglet. She told them that I am not buying it to eat, I am vegan. Of course after hearing that they laughed even more at her. She did not mind to them and took him out of the place. Sadly she was not able to take all three little piglets home.

From there on, the two were inseparable. They seeped together in the same bed. Then as he grown in size, she builds him his own barn which he later shared with other rescued pigs.

According to Catherine Besch, Julian is a bit stubborn than any other pigs she rescued and raised over the years. He would scream loudly in protest of taking a bath. She also nicknamed Julian as “Ju-Bear”.

Still despite being a 250-kilo heavy toddler, Julian is really a kind soul. He is best friends with the rescued cat and a senior Chihuahua.

Now this one of a kind shelter in Vietnam is being closed down due to lack of funding. Catherine Besch and her rescued animals are now planning to move to Europe where she hopes to find a good and safe life for these rescued souls. This is certainly going to be a historical and first time when pigs will fly away from Vietnam. With this travel, the phrase “pigs Flying’ will literally come true.

Complacency is important for life with cats


Piggy snuggles

Piggy snuggles

A proud mother with the new baby Julian

proud mother

My comfort was never his concern


Can’t stop the snuggles




Mama’s boy

Mamas boy

His best kitty friend

kitty friend

Life as the farm sanctuary prince

sanctuary prince

Too big? I think not!

Too big

Watch out for those tusks


Once upon a time, we could work like this


Sharing the bed with his brothers


Pig massages are vital to Julian’s big smile


He sits for bananas


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