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Gingy Mou, the rescued dog from Zambia, makes it to Barcelona after one year of Traveling through Africa

Gingy Mou is a dog from Zambia that was born in a bush and was a border dog for the borehole company. The place was not at all good for her because her sister already had been beaten to death there. Gingy was sacred all the time.

The rescuer of this dog was traveling through Africa and when she saw her pitiable condition they were just sad-hearted and decided to rescue her.

So on 24th April 2017, she took her away from that place for good.

In just one day, she from being a stray Zambian dog was a world traveler. She was a first much scared of her rescuers but with time she started to trust them.

The rescuer of Ginger nickname Gingy Mou is a woman w is a member of a community group named “Nomad Dog”.

She told media that, “I still cannot believe that she was a security dog but a dog who never barks out of sheer mental scars she had to endure there. She is a dog who just wanted love and I am undoubtedly very happy to be the one to make difference in her life.”

Ginger is now a world traveler who has been to many countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia.

During their journeys, people often asked Ginger’s rescuer as to what she will do when she leaves Africa? She was going to return to Barcelona and she still could not find her a good home. So then she decided to bring her back home to Barcelona.

Sadly she had to pace her in a crate on a 30 hours long flight but they still made it safely after one year back to Barcelona, Spain.

They spent Christmas together with her rescuer’s family.

Now they have traveled all over the Barcelona too and Ginger is clearly happy to travel alongside her rescuer. The testament to her happiness is the smile that she has not stopped once.

At the moment of her rescue


Gingy Mou and her sweet eyes

sweet eyes

Watching the wild elephants through our window in Zambia


At rapid 7 of Victoria Falls Zambia


Over the clouds in Malawi


In our house, the Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser

Ging in Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Over 3000m on Mt Mulanje, Malawi

Mt Mulanje

Ging hiking in Malawi

hiking hiking view

Ging and I the last sunset we spent in Africa before traveling to Barcelona


Ginger getting ready to get on the flight with Emirates at Lusaka Airport, Zambia

Lusaka Airport

Ginger looking at the Christmas’ lights lit up for the first time of winter season


Ging gets cuddles from a stranger in Barcelona


Ging, Ula (her new sister) and I and the Christmas tree. Her first Christmas

Christmas tree

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